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Top Tips for Choosing a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

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Calgary-based Ludwar Law Firm has been helping clients win long term-disability claims for over 25 years. Our disability lawyers understand that every case if different, and the law in this area is complex. We also know that long-term disability clients are dealing with much more than just the legal aspects of getting their disability claim approved and often need information on many aspects of living with disability. When you are already struggling with an illness or injury, it can be overwhelming to deal with time-consuming paperwork, strict deadlines, and legal jargon to get your long-term disability claim approved. You do not have to fight the insurance company or your employer on your own.

An experienced long-term disability lawyer can guide you through the process. If you have the right long-term disability lawyer on your side, it can reduce your stress, increase your chances of success, and shorten the time it takes to resolve your claim – but you have to know what to look for in hiring a disability lawyer. Here are our top four tips to guide you in choosing a long-term disability lawyer who will best represent you. Tip #1 – Choose a lawyer who focusses on long-term disability claims There are complicated technicalities and time limitations that must be met to bring a successful disability claim. A lawyer who does not specialize in disability claims will not know the ins-and-outs of the claims or appeals process and will not have the same level of credibility when dealing with the insurance company. If you want to obtain the maximum benefit, hire a lawyer with expertise in the law of long-term disability claims. Experienced disability lawyers know how to meet the complex requirements to get your claim approved and how to win an appeal if your claim for long-term disability benefits is denied. A lawyer who focusses on long-term disability claims will have built a reputation with the major insurance companies and know how to protect your legal rights. For example, is the insurance company allowed to hire an investigator to follow you, and can surveillance video be used in your claim? An experienced long-term disability lawyer will have the answers you need. Tip #2 – Choose a local long-term disability lawyer As mentioned in relation to Tip #1, a disability lawyer who practices in your jurisdiction (for example, a Calgary disability lawyer if you live in Calgary) will have built a reputation with the insurance companies, which can translate to a significant benefit to you. A local disability claims lawyer will regularly deal with insurance adjusters and claims representatives, and thus have credibility and know-how when dealing with them on your behalf. Another significant benefit of choosing a local lawyer is that the lawyer will have contacts with local medical experts that can assist in providing evidence to support your claim. There is also a practical reason to hire a local disability lawyer: when you choose a local lawyer, you will have the benefit of consulting with them regularly without the cost and time to travel to appointments. Tip #3 – Choose a disability lawyer who is available and responsive When choosing a long-term disability lawyer, consider your interactions with the lawyer and their office staff, as these are important indicators of whether it is a good fit. Are your calls and emails returned promptly and courteously? Does the lawyer take the time to explain your options and ensure your understanding of the process? It is a red flag if the lawyer is inaccessible or unresponsive. Effective communication is essential to ensuring your needs are met and that your long-term disability claim is handled properly. Disability claims can sometimes take years to settle so it is important to find a lawyer with whom you can connect. Tip #4 – Choose a disability lawyer who does not demand payment upfront If you are suffering from an injury or illness that disables you from work, you are also very likely under a great deal of financial stress. You should choose a long-term disability lawyer who offers a free initial consultation. Our Calgary long-term disability lawyer offers a free initial consultation, so it costs you nothing to meet to discuss your claim and evaluate your options. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. It is also important to understand that once hired, different lawyers have different fee arrangements – for example, by the hour, a fixed fee, or on a contingency basis. The latter arrangement (paying no legal fees unless you recover money) is ideal for long-term disability claims as it allows you to have the benefit of a lawyer’s expertise where you may not have been able to afford it otherwise. Because the lawyer is paid only if money is recovered, both the lawyer and the client share an incentive to work as a team to get the maximum recovery possible.

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Calgary’s Ludwar Law Firm focusses on providing clear advice and practical solutions to clients with long-term disability claims. Calgary-based clients are served by our firm, as are clients across all of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Long-term disability clients appreciate being able to talk to people who can explain the process, their options, and what will happen during their claim. Ludwar Law Firm, with 25 years of experience and an ongoing focus on claims for long-term disability has the knowledge and ability to help you. The legal expertise of our Alberta and Saskatchewan disability lawyers has helped win even difficult claims involving depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. Whether you are considering making an application for long-term disability benefits, have already started the process of making a disability claim, or need advice to appeal the denial of your claim for long-term disability, Ludwar Law Firm will help you get the indemnity you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation.


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