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Permanent Injury Lawyer for Amputations and Disfigurement in Alberta & Saskatchewan

Because amputation and disfigurement involve a permanent injury, it's important to determine cost of future lifelong care or loss.


There are a number of special calculations to be done when you have lost a limb. The losses are very individual and specialized. For example, the value put on the loss of a leg will be very different depending on whether you are a librarian or a professional athlete. The kinds of values to be calculated may include:

  • Number of artificial limbs required
  • Specialization of limbs
  • Cost of each artificial limb
  • Estimated life span of artificial limbs
  • Number of surgeries needed
  • Recovery time
  • Rehabilitation
  • Counselling needed since the injury
  • Counselling needed in the future
  • Effects on future job prospects
  • Effects on your life and family


Expert evidence is often needed for these cases, as the technology around amputations and artificial limbs is ever changing. It's important to be able to explain to insurance adjusters and legal professionals why you need the technology you're going to get, what it's for and what it can do to bring you back as much function as possible.

Scar Tissue Injury

Scars are usually thought to be purely cosmetic injuries. However, severe scars and other forms of disfigurement can have a profound impact on your life.


Some scars can become puckered, and are not only disfiguring but can restrict movement around the scar tissue as well, since scar tissue is not as flexible as normal tissue. In extreme cases, you may require surgery or skin grafts to fix the pulling and stretching. They can also have less feeling or be overly sensitive compared to other skin. They may also become tender, painful, or itchy.


Some disfigurements, particularly if they are large or extreme or located on the face, can also cause emotional impacts. Sufferers may lose confidence and feel self-conscious, or they may be reminded of the traumatic event that caused the scar.


Our Calgary lawyer for amputations and disfigurement compensation can help you to determine what you may need to recover, and how to do so under Alberta personal injury law.

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