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Seeking Legal Counsel Early in the CPP Disability Claim Process

A lawyer talks to a client about the CPP disability claim.

Applying for Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits is a lengthy and complex process, requiring the completion of many forms. The CPP disability eligibility criteria are difficult to decipher, there are often frustratingly long wait times, and the odds of receiving a CPP disability claim denial are unfortunately high. Almost 60% of initial applications are denied.

You can reduce your stress levels and increase your likelihood of success by working with a CPP disability claim lawyer. Don’t wait until you are in trouble before reaching out—there are many significant benefits that come from consulting with a CPP disability claim lawyer as early in the process as possible.

Get advice early from legal counsel for CPP disability claims

Legal counsel for CPP disability claims can help you no matter what stage—whether you are preparing a new application, requesting a reconsideration, or navigating the CPP denial appeal process. That being said, there are significant benefits when you seek legal counsel early in the CPP disability claim process. Here are some of the top reasons to consult with a CPP disability claim lawyer sooner than later:

  • You aren’t sure you qualify for CPP disability. Your lawyer will review your case, advise you on whether you meet the eligibility criteria, and explore solutions and other options if you don’t yet meet the criteria.

  • You are worried about your financial situation. Money gets tight very quickly when you can’t work due to a serious illness or medical condition. Hiring a lawyer helps keep the application and appeals process on track, so you avoid unnecessary delays in getting approved for CPP disability benefit payments.

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the CPP disability application package. Your lawyer will draw on their expertise to help you with your application package, ensuring it is complete, accurate, and compelling—and that it doesn’t share more information than needed (which could hurt your claim). Putting a strong claim forward from the outset reduces the chance of being met with delays and denials.

  • You don’t know what evidence to submit, or how to gather it. A successful CPP disability claim requires a medical report form from your doctor, as well as supporting documentation from other health care providers (e.g., specialists, hospital, physiotherapist, massage therapist, counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist). Employment records are often needed. Test results, imaging studies, and prescription records may also be vital to securing CPP disability claim approval. Your lawyer will identify the evidence necessary for your claim and then assist with gathering evidence on your behalf in an efficient and effective manner.

  • You’re afraid of missing deadlines. Your lawyer will make you aware of deadlines and ensure they aren’t missed. If you’ve already missed a deadline—for example, to request a reconsideration or appeal—reach out right away anyways, as your lawyer may be able to get your case back on track, despite the missed deadline.

  • Your CPP disability claim has been denied. A denial letter will likely leave you feeling frustrated and discouraged. You just went through the complicated application process; trying to figure out the appeals process can feel like too much. Many people with legitimate CPP disability claims simply give up at this point. If you don’t agree with Service Canada’s decision, don’t give up! Your CPP disability claim lawyer can guide you through the appeal process, ensuring deadlines are met, and that you put forward a compelling case to convince Service Canada to reconsider its decision, or the Social Security Tribunal to overturn Service Canada’s denial.


When you’re dealing with a disability, you can trust the team at Ludwar Law Firm to represent your interests with skill and dedication. If you live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, our CPP disability claim law firm can handle your disability claims with private insurance companies and the Canada Pension Plan.

Ludwar Law Firm specializes in taking on the stress of a disability claim or CPP disability claim denial so you can focus on your health and well-being. We work hard to make sure people get the CPP disability benefits they deserve. Our CPP disability claim law firm is located in Calgary, but we assist clients with CPP disability claims and appeals in Saskatoon, Regina, and across all of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Schedule your free initial consultation with our CPP disability claim lawyer by contacting us today.


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