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A picture of a disability claim form.

Are you under 65 and unable to work due to a severe and prolonged medical condition? You may be eligible for CPP disability benefits. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your claim and ensure it gets accepted.

What’s the CPP disability benefit?

The CPP disability benefit is a taxable monthly payment available to “people who are under 65, have contributed to the CPP and are unable to do any type of substantially gainful work because of a severe and prolonged mental or physical medical condition.” It’s important to note that if your medical condition is expected to be short-term or temporary, you won’t be eligible for CPP disability benefits.

1. Compile strong medical evidence

Ensure you provide thorough medical documentation that supports your disability claim. This includes medical documentation, such as detailed reports outlining your diagnosis, treatment plans and prognosis, as well as relevant test results and imaging scans. This information will help support and validate your condition.

2. Provide a detailed work history

Provide a comprehensive work history highlighting your job roles, responsibilities and the physical or mental demands of each job and emphasizing how your disability has affected your ability to perform essential tasks. If necessary, explain when and why you had to stop working or change your job due to your disability to establish a clear timeline of how your disability impacted your ability to work.

3. Document your daily life

Document your personal life in a diary or journal, including the impact your disability has on your ability to perform routine tasks, such as household chores, social activities and childcare. Be specific about the difficulties you face and the pain or discomfort you experience. This information can help illustrate the impact of your disability on your life.

4. Hire a professional

Seek legal advice or assistance from a disability lawyer specializing in CPP disability claims. They can help you with the application process, gather the required evidence and present your claim effectively. Additionally, a legal professional can help you understand your rights, appeal a denied claim and represent you in any hearings or appeals. Seeking legal advice can increase your chances of a successful claim and ensure you receive the benefits you’re entitled to.

CPP disability claim lawyer

If you need to submit a CPP disability claim, Ludwar Law Firm can help. Our team specializes in handling CPP disability claims and will ensure you receive fair compensation. We also provide legal representation for long term disability cases. We serve clients in Calgary, Regina and surrounding areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The first consultation with us is free and can be done at your convenience. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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