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Chronic Illness: Challenges of Obtaining CPP Disability Benefits and How to Overcome Them

A disabled man sits in a wheelchair in a CPP disability claim lawyer’s office.

In this blog post, we have compiled some information on those challenges. We also detail ways through which you may address those challenges.


What are Chronic Illnesses?


Chronic diseases are characterized by their persistent nature and typically slow progression, making them treatable but not curable. They can not only severely affect the quality of life of a person, but depending on its nature and severity, it can also prevent them from having a job and earning a substantial living.


Are you unable to work due to your chronic illness? You may be eligible for the CPP disability benefit plan. Contact us, and our CPP disability claim lawyers will gladly guide you through the benefit claim process.


Understanding Your Eligibility to the CPP Disability Benefit


You may be eligible to claim CPP disability benefits if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are under the age of 65.

  • You have completed a satisfactory number of contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

  • You have a long-term disability or chronic illness.

  • Your chronic illness or disability makes it impossible for you to have a job and gain a satisfactory salary.


Unsure of your eligibility for the CPP disability benefit plan? Hire the help of our CPP disability law firm, and our lawyers will help you assess your eligibility.


Challenges Faced by Those with Chronic Illnesses in Obtaining CPP Disability Benefits


1. Offering Valid Proof of Illness or Disability

To be eligible for CPP disability benefits, applicants must be able to prove that their condition is severe enough to hinder their ability to work and earn a significant income. To this effect, applicants must be able to produce comprehensive medical records and supporting evidence of their chronic illness or disability, including reports from their doctors, diagnostic test results, prescribed treatment plans, and more. Compiling this information can be overwhelming, particularly for those already grappling with the challenges of managing their health on a day-to-day basis.


2. A Complex and Lengthy Application Process


Since the application process requires the presentation of extensive paperwork, including the applicant’s medical and work history, it can take a long time for all the necessary documentation to be compiled. Furthermore, once said documentation has been submitted, it can take months, or even years in some cases, for this information to be processed. This means that the applicant may have to wait quite a long time before being able to benefit from financial assistance, which may add to their financial struggle during this time.


3. Lack of Understanding of Eligibility for CPP Disability Benefits


Due to a lack of awareness, some people may not even be aware that they are eligible for certain benefits. They may also not know how to apply for the CPP


Overcoming Those Challenges 


  1. Keep meticulous records of your medical history and work documentation.

  2. Do in-depth research about the CCP procedure and eligibility criteria.

  3. Hire the services of a CPP disability law firm. CPP disability claim lawyers will ensure that all the necessary documentation is compiled and submitted on time and that you understand all the necessary requirements. They will also offer guidance throughout the application process.


Ludwar Law Firm: Your Disability Lawyers in Alberta and Saskatchewan


Are you seeking the help of a CPP disability law firm for legal counsel for disability claims in Alberta or Saskatchewan? At Ludwar Law Firm, our CPP disability claim lawyers can help you understand the challenges that you may face if you suffer from a chronic illness and are trying to obtain Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefits. Our CPP disability law firm can also work with you to find the best ways to overcome those challenges and help you obtain the benefit payout that you are eligible for and entitled to. You can also contact us to learn more about our legal services.


At Ludwar Law Firm, we not only put at your service experienced CPP disability claim lawyers, but we can also help you with professional services for other areas of law such as long-term disability claims in Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Regina, and Saskatoon. 



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