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A man fills out a disability claim form.

Are you struggling with an illness or injury that’s preventing you from working? If so, you may be eligible for disability benefits to help ease the financial burden. However, getting your claim accepted can be a challenge. Here are some tips to strengthen your claim and ensure it gets accepted.

1. File your claim as soon as possible. It’s crucial to file your disability claim quickly. The longer you wait, the more challenging it is to obtain the necessary documentation to support your claim. Plus, the application process can be long, and it can take several months to receive compensation.

2. Compile strong medical evidence. This includes providing detailed reports outlining your symptoms, treatment plans, relevant test results and imaging scans to demonstrate the severity and extent of your injuries or medical condition. Testimonies from your doctors and healthcare professionals can also provide valuable insight into the nature of your condition and the treatment you’ve received.

3. Follow up on treatment recommendations. Ignoring treatment and other recommendations can lead to your condition worsening and result in your claim being denied. Be sure to fulfill all your scheduled appointments, take any prescribed medication and make the lifestyle changes your physician recommends. This will show that you’re doing everything possible to manage your condition.

4. Provide a detailed work history. When outlining your job, it’s important to highlight specific tasks or duties you can no longer perform due to your disability. This will help to establish a clear understanding of how your disability has affected your work. You should also explain when and why you had to stop working or change your job due to your disability.

5. Complete the application thoroughly. Don’t rush when filling out your application for disability benefits. Take your time and carefully read each question. Make sure you answer truthfully and to the fullest of your ability. Don’t leave out any details, no matter how small they may seem. Even things that may seem insignificant can make a big difference in the outcome of your claim.

6. Hire a professional. A disability lawyer can help guide you through the maze of paperwork and legal jargon to ensure you understand your rights. With their help, you can rest easy knowing that your claim will be presented in the best light possible, increasing your chances of success.

Disability claim lawyer in Alberta and Saskatchewan

If you need help obtaining disability benefits, Ludwar Law Firm has your back. Our team specializes in handling CPP and long-term disability claims and will do our best to ensure you receive fair compensation. We serve clients in Calgary, Regina and surrounding areas of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The first consultation with us is free. Contact us today to make an appointment.


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