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If you’ve sustained an injury or are dealing with an advancing medical condition, the process of claiming disability benefits can be overwhelming. In addition to managing your physical or mental needs, you must navigate the claim process with insurance companies and government agencies. Here’s how working with a disability claim lawyer can lighten your mental load and allow you to focus on your health.

A CPP disability claim lawyer makes things easier

A new injury or a progressive disease can have a massive impact on your life, and adjusting to the new normal of your disability is enough for you to deal with. By hiring a disability claim lawyer to handle the claim on your behalf, you have a professional on your side who understands the bureaucratic process, can file the paperwork correctly and will meet the crucial deadlines.

You can avoid costly errors

A disability claim lawyer knows the tricky pitfalls to side-step while applying for benefits and compensation. In addition to helping you avoid late filings, an experienced professional can prevent you from giving inappropriate information that could undermine your case. They’ll give you valuable advice and can speak on your behalf so that your words or actions aren’t misconstrued and used against you.

You’ll get faster compensation

Going through the disability claim process on your own can be time-consuming, even more so when you’re also managing your regular life commitments and medical appointments. With a disability claim lawyer on your side, you have a whole legal team whose job it is to get that claim work done for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A CPP disability claim lawyer goes the distance

When it comes to getting you the compensation you deserve, your disability claim lawyer has the wherewithal to try every possible strategy. If there’s an appeal to submit or an argument to be made, they’ll take care of it for you. If an insurance company tries to discredit your claim through inappropriate measures, such as undue influence or surveillance, your lawyer knows how to push back, protect your case and turn the odds in your favour.

Experienced disability claim lawyer in Alberta and Saskatchewan

When you’re dealing with a disability, you can trust the team at Ludwar Law Firm to represent your interests with skill and dedication. If you live in Alberta or Saskatchewan, we can handle your disability claims with insurance companies and the Canada Pension Plan. We can also advise you about whether you have grounds for a personal injury case. Schedule a free initial consultation and contact us today.


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