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The statistics show that severe depression affects 5.4 percent of the Canadian population. If you have been denied a disability claim for depression or anxiety in Canada, you can appeal it with the help of a depression lawyer. Depression and anxiety claims can sometimes be difficult to prove and require strong evidence. However, with the right legal team, you can win your case. Here is an in-depth look at what you need to know about depression and disability benefits in Canada.

Is Depression or Anxiety a Disability in Canada?

In Canada, severe depression and anxiety are considered a disability and you can qualify to receive benefits. However, getting a diagnosis that you have depression or anxiety will not automatically entitle you to receive benefits. You will need to prove that having depression or anxiety makes it impossible for you to work. This means that your symptoms will be examined closely. If you have severe symptoms that indicate that you cannot function in the workplace, then you can receive disability benefits.

Can I Lose My Job?

If you're suffering from depression or anxiety, you may become worried about losing your job. While employers do have the right to fire people, it must be done in a specific way. They must give notice and cannot do so in a discriminatory manner. The bottom line is that you cannot be legally fired when you have a note from your doctor indicating that you are under medical care.

How a Depression Lawyer Can Help

When you are making your disability claims, you will need to present medical records or any other paperwork that can verify your claim. If the evidence you present does not convince the court, you have the right to appeal it. Depression lawyers such as those at Ludwar Law Firm can help you if you have been denied your disability claims. It is especially important to get a strong legal team behind you if you need long-term disability insurance. When you hire a lawyer, who is accustomed to dealing with these kinds of cases, they will be able to pinpoint the right benefits for your situation and ensure that you receive them. With expert legal help, it becomes less likely that your case will be denied.

Get the Right Help

When you are suffering from depression or anxiety, it can make life challenging. However, having the ability to provide for yourself during this time can help to minimize stress. This is why it is important to hire a depression lawyer to assist you with getting the benefits that you deserve. If you have been denied after filing for disability, it is usually because the evidence for your case may not have been convincing enough or it may have been misinterpreted. Whatever the reasons for the denial, it can be appealed. If you need help with filing your disability claims, be sure to contact Ludwar Law Firm.


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