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A woman reads a paper while having a foot injury.

If you’ve filed a claim for disability benefits under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and received notice that your application has been rejected, don’t despair. The CPP/Disability application process can be complicated, and it’s easy to make a misstep on your first attempt. If you’re tackling the CPP application process, it helps to be aware of and avoid some common errors.

What’s CPP disability?

Canada Pension Plan is a federally administered retirement pension benefit intended to replace your income upon retirement. The program serves to supplement the retirement income of people aged 60 and older but also makes provisions for workers of any age who sustain injuries preventing them from continuing to earn their living. Such disability benefits are referred to as CPP/D.

To qualify for CPP disability benefits, you must have been making qualifying contributions to the plan before sustaining your disability, and you must demonstrate that you have a severe or prolonged mental or physical disability.

Why do claims get denied?

Approximately 60 per cent of claims for CPP disability benefits get rejected on the first submission, but many of them are successful upon appeal. Applications may be denied because the claimant fails to meet all eligibility requirements related to their CPP contributions or the severity of their disability. However, some denials are simply due to errors made in the application process.

Unfortunately, many CPP/D claimants stop trying after their first application is rejected, even though a simple correction might have reversed the decision. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make on their first application for CPP/D benefits:

  • Submitting an incomplete claim form

  • Omitting crucial information about employability

  • Missing essential medical documentation

  • Missing the claim deadline

If you’re dealing with a debilitating condition, the CPP application process for disability benefits can be arduous and overwhelming. If your claim has been denied, you may not have the time or energy to sort out the details required for an appeal on your own.

Whether you’ve been denied due to a simple clerical error or because your disability is deemed insufficiently severe or prolonged, don’t accept that initial rejection without a fight. The experienced team at Ludwar Law Firm can help you navigate the appeal process, ensuring the filings are done correctly. We’ll even argue your case in person in hearings, if necessary.

CPP disability representation in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Don’t be deterred if your claim for CPP disability benefits has been denied. At Ludwar Law Firm, our dedicated team will give your case the personal care and attention you deserve. We can also help you navigate the long-term disability claim process or sue for personal injury. From our offices in Calgary, we work with clients in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Contact us today to arrange for your free initial consultation.


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