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Elderly Woman Killed in Fatal Pedestrian Versus Car Accident

Dead woman on road

On behalf of Ludwar Law Firm posted in Car Accidents on Friday, June 26, 2015.

An elderly Alberta woman recently lost her life in a tragic pedestrian versus car accident that happened closed to the Stamped grounds on a recent Friday morning. The incident happened at approximately 10:30 a.m.,] when an 82-year-old woman attempted to cross the road. Tragically, a Jeep that was in the process of turning failed to see the woman and fatally struck her. The Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicle was making a left turn at the same time the 82-year-old woman was crossing the road. That's when the jeep hit the woman and came to an immediate stop on top of her. Rescue workers eventually had to move the jeep in order to gain access to the woman and rescue her. At this time, police do not suspect that alcohol, drugs or speed played a role in this fatal accident. Furthermore, police do not suspect that cellphone use or distracted driving played a role in causing the collision. However, this has yet to be confirmed with any certainty and investigations are ongoing. Authorities have, however, indicated that the elderly pedestrian was making her way across the road in an unmarked crosswalk. Police say that pedestrians do have the right of way, generally, but this does not mean very much when the pedestrian is up against a heavy automobile that weighs thousands of pounds. Due to the extreme advantage that motorists have over pedestrians, they must use extreme caution in order to look out for pedestrians and avoid causing a fatal accident. When pedestrians are involved in a fatal or injurious car collision, they or their family members may have valid claims for financial restitution in court. Source: Calgary Herald, "Senior dies in hospital after being struck by car in southeast Calgary," accessed June 26, 2015


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