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Disability Claims for Memory and Concentration Problems in Alberta & Saskatchewan

Memory and concentration problems can be part of a suite of symptoms that can affect your work performance. Some common causes are:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Depression
  • Medication used to treat depression, which can cause headaches and sleeping difficulties
  • Medication or other treatments used to treat conditions like chronic pain, fibromyalgia or cancer
  • Brain damage


If your job requires a lot of mental effort, it can be almost impossible to perform well — or perform at all — if you cannot remember what you are doing, or if you have difficulty concentrating on any one task long enough to finish it.


Even if your job is mostly physical, memory and concentration problems can make it challenging to:

  • Learn new facts
  • Learn new procedures
  • Handle new technology
  • Meet deadlines
  • Do any administrative work
  • Do any work that requires attention to detail

Memory Loss Disability Benefits

Under both Alberta and Saskatchewan law, you do not have to prove disability for every aspect of your job in order to claim benefits. You only have to show that you have difficulty with enough of it to make it difficult for you to be able to continue working until your mental abilities have recovered.


Our Calgary lawyer can help you to get the compensation you need and handle your disability claim for memory and concentration problems for you so that you can focus on getting better.

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